Forestry Division to conduct Sawmill Inspections

Forestry Division to conduct Sawmill Inspections

All Sawmillers are advised to have their records updated on the accepted forms (Form A, Form B and Form C) with immediate effect. All entries from Removal Permits MUST be hand written in all three (3) forms. These forms can be accessed at all Forestry Offices and downloadable versions are also available on the Ministry’s website.


Kindly note that compliance with the above is mandatory. Non-compliance can result in the Forestry Division imposing sanctions (e.g. penalties/fines) under the Sawmills Act Chapter 66:02, Sections 7, 8 & 10.

Note for your ease of reference, a copy of the Sawmill Act is also available online on the Ministry of Legal Affairs’ website-


Downloadable Forms:

  • Form A
    Sawmill Record: All incoming Logs- Private & State Lands
  • Form B
    Sawmill Record: Private Land Conversion Record
  • Form C
    Sawmill Record: Stateland, Teak & Pine, Forest Reserves Conversion Records

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Conservator of Forests

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