Agriculture Ministry addressing chicken supply issues

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the supply of imported chicken, however, government has assured that local processors can fully supply the local demand.

Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Clarence Rambharat said to Lloop News that due to the pandemic and the recent lockdown on activity, there have been pockets of supply issues:

‘There are little pockets of supply issues because of the shutdown and later restart of food service industry.’

‘Production was adjusted to deal with reduced demand- and given the fact that we are dealing with birds that have to be grown out- the restart meant that production had to be restarted in an environment of uncertain demand.’

He said there were some delays in supply but most of these have been smoothed out.

‘Small pockets are being reported and are being addressed. Local processors can fully supply the local market.’

Penal/Debe councillor Shanty Boodram shared a social media post on Wednesday saying she had seen a shortage of chicken supplies in her area.

According to a July 24 report by Poultry World, the pandemic has affected the global poultry chain.

The report said dozens of meat-processing plants have been forced to close temporarily as the industry struggles to contain the spread of the coronavirus among employees who often have to stand side-by-side while cutting and packing poultry.

The report added that chicken supplies have been affected by the global reduction of flights: the International Poultry Council warned that the sharp reduction in global air transport caused by the coronavirus pandemic could leave some companies without breeding stock and hatching eggs.

The Ministry said it is adressing the matter.

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