World Soil Day 2023: Message from Senator the Honourable Kazim Hosein, Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries




As we observe World Soil Day this 5th of December 2023, we pause to acknowledge and appreciate the profound significance of soil and water, the silent custodians of life on our planet. This year’s theme, “Soil and Water – A Source of Life”, could not be more fitting, as it encapsulates the essence of their indispensable role in our existence and prosperity.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries has been steadfast in its commitment to safeguard and sustainably manage these life-giving resources. Through the dedicated efforts of our Research Division’s Soil and Land Capability Unit and our Engineering Division, we have been empowering our farming community with knowledge and tools for sustainable soil management and efficient water use.

The recent modernization of our Soil and Analytical Services Laboratory has significantly bolstered our ability to conduct chemical analyses of soil and water, thereby enabling more informed decision-making in their management. We’ve also made headway in constructing water management structures, providing technical advice for on-farm buildings and waste disposal systems and improving the desilting of our drainage and irrigation channels.

However, our journey does not end here. This World Soil Day, we recommit ourselves to the cause of preserving the integrity of our soil and water. We pledge to continue our efforts in promoting sustainable practices, advancing agricultural innovation and raising awareness in our communities about the importance of these resources.

Our soil and water are more than just resources – they are the heartbeat of our Earth, the pulse of life. For the generations that will follow us, it is our duty to ensure these resources continue to thrive and sustain life.

Today, let’s not only celebrate our progress, but also acknowledge the path that lies ahead. We are all stewards of this Earth and together, we can ensure a future where our soils are healthy, our waters are clean and our agriculture is prosperous.

Thank you for standing with us on this journey towards a more sustainable future.


Best regards,

Senator the Honourable Kazim Hosein
Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries.

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