Trinidad and Tobago Shines with Three Samples in the Top 50 of the Cacao of Excellence Awards 2023




October 31st, 2023:-  The cocoa industry in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) is celebrating a remarkable achievement as three (3) samples from the country have been selected among the top fifty (50) in the prestigious Cacao of Excellence Awards 2023. This recognition highlights the exceptional quality and flavour diversity of cocoa produced in T&T and solidifies its position as one of the leading cocoa-producing regions in the world.

The Cacao of Excellence Awards, organized by the Cacao of Excellence Programme, brings together the finest cocoa bean samples from around the globe to compete for recognition and honor. This biennial competition serves as a platform to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of cocoa farmers while celebrating the remarkable flavours that each region brings to the table.

Out of two hundred and twenty-two (222) cocoa bean samples submitted from fifty-two (52) countries, three (3) samples from T&T were chosen to be in the top fifty (50) moving on the next stage of competition – a testament to the impeccable craftsmanship and expertise of its cocoa producers. The T&T samples, which were submitted by Ms. Stephanie Omardeen, Mr. Shankar Teelucksingh and Ms. Doolarie Ramdath, were chosen after a rigorous blind sensory evaluation conducted by the esteemed Cacao of Excellence Technical Committee.

“We are immensely proud of our cocoa industry and the preliminary results in the Cacao of Excellence Awards 2023,” said the Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Senator the Honorable Kazim Hosein. “This achievement is testament to Trinidad and Tobago’s commitment to producing superior quality cocoa and showcases our unique flavour profiles to the world.”

The next stage of the competition will see the top fifty (50) samples processed into dark chocolate and evaluated by a distinguished jury of cocoa and chocolate professionals. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze award recipients will be announced at the highly anticipated Cacao of Excellence Awards Ceremony, scheduled for 8 February 2024, at Chocoa in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

T&T’s presence in the finals reflects the dedication and passion of its cocoa farmers and producers who work tirelessly to deliver exceptional cocoa beans. With this recognition, T&T cements its position as a global leader in the cocoa industry, showcasing the richness and diversity of its cocoa offerings.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries extends congratulations to T&T’s top cocoa producers for their outstanding accomplishment thus far.



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