Thank you for Participating – GAS Sensitization Campaign

March 02, 2023: The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries wishes to thank all citizens who participated in the recently concluded Giant African Snail (GAS) Sensitization Campaign. The Sensitization Campaign, which was a pilot project, ran for three (3) weeks (January 16th – February 2nd).

During the campaign, nine (9) days were dedicated as collection days at our two (2) test sites, County St George West and County Caroni. Each site was open to the public for a three (3)-hour window on dedicated collection days. This pilot project, which was tested in other regional jurisdictions, was initiated by our technical teams to continue raising public awareness, educating stakeholders, assessing the Ministry’s responses and engaging community groups.

During the campaign, members of our teams processed 5457.5 kg, which equates to over 120,000 snails removed. As a result, a total of TTD $27,262.00 has been paid out to all citizens who participated. Our technical teams continue to meet to evaluate the pilot project and other options for managing the Giant African Snails in Trinidad.

Currently, through its Extension, Training and Information Services Division, the Ministry continues to educate farmers and all stakeholders on the safest methods to protect their produce from the Giant African Snails. As we continue to battle this problem, we need the support of all stakeholders, particularly the media, to protect our farmers and our country’s food supply.

We look forward to partnering with you as the project continues.


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