Poultry Association: Adequate Supplies of Local Poultry

Chicken Supplies

The Poulty Association of Trinidad & Tobago (PATT) wish to inform consumers and the wider public there are adequate supplies of local poultry available to meet the demand for chicken notwithstanding some losses incurred by producers and farmers resulting from the recent floods.
In addition, the Local Poultry Industry has committed to redoubling their efforts to ensure a full supply for the upcoming Christmas and Carnival Seasons.

Quality Assurance

The Local Poultry Industry has a proven track record over the last 50 plus years of providing our valued customers with products that are nutritious, safe and healthy.

Today we reiterate our commitment to that objective.

The Local Poultry Industry operates at the technological cutting edge in conformance with all international best practice and consumers can remain confident that chicken products will continue to be produced in full compliance to the CARICOM Poultry and Poultry Products Standard as well as all applicable Public Health, food safety and sanitary and phyto-sanitary standards and requirements.

It should also be noted that all poultry processing plants in Trinidad and Tobago are required by law to have on site full time inspectors from the Veterinary Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health.


In an effort to ensure the poultry farming community is returned to a level of normalcy within the shortest time frame, producers have mandated their experienced and well-trained extension services to provide farmers with all the necessary technical aid and support required.
We urge all producers and farmers to continue working with the relevant authorities in the Ministries of Agriculture, Health and Local Government towards the proper disposal of any birds lost as a result of the floods.

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