Ministry Monitoring Heavy Rainfall in Farming Communities

Flood 3 (Poodai Lagoon)

Poodai Lagoon in Penal.

Ministry Monitoring Heavy Rainfall in Farming Communities

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries is currently monitoring the recent impact of heavy rainfall in the farming communities across the country.  With the persistent rainfall since around 2 am this morning, areas such as Penal/Debe and other Southern Districts are being constantly monitored by Mr. David Ram, Ag. Director and his team at the Regional Administration South (RAS).

At present, the Ministry can report that there have been no reports of flooding up to this point and while the watercourses are filled, they are not overflowing. There have been reports though, that some farms in low lying areas, have been accumulating water in their respective drainage.

A point to note is that the Poodai Lagoon in Penal, the same area which was affected by flooding in March 2021, has already accumulated water with the persistent rainfall.

The Agriculture Ministry will continue to liaise with the Disaster Management Units of the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government and will continue to monitor the ongoing situation. We stand ready to provide the necessary assistance to the various communities should the need arise.

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