Minister Kazim Hosein establishes Agricultural Multi-disciplinary Voluntary Advisory Committee

Minister Kazim Hosein establishes

Agricultural Multi-disciplinary Voluntary Advisory Committee

On Monday 11th July, 2022 the Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries Senator the Honourable Kazim Hosein convened a meeting with key stakeholders from across the agricultural sector at the Ministry’s Head Office in Chaguanas.  This was in keeping with the Ministry’s mandate to improve food and nutrition security and to further strengthen linkages among members within the sector.

Minister Kazim Hosein, along with Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries Senator the Honourable Avinash Singh, held discussions with various interest groups, which included civil society within the agricultural sector and members of the public on the establishment of an Agricultural Multi-disciplinary Committee.

Participants were asked to volunteer their time and expertise to the Committee in an effort to improve the sector.

The forum will enable members to provide insight into the challenges affecting the agricultural sector, as well as propose solutions and give periodic updates on new developments that would benefit the sector.

The meeting facilitated productive dialogue focusing primarily on the issue of food security in Trinidad and Tobago and some of the requisite measures to be undertaken to keep the agricultural sector moving forward.

The Advisory Committee will also be able to share their expertise with the ministry’s executive and technical staff on key agricultural issues. Both parties will then establish a framework that will place emphasis on the country’s food security issue and the necessary steps required to mitigate the challenges currently faced.

Those in attendance expressed their appreciation to both Ministers on the initiative and the invitation extended to them to represent their various sectors within the Advisory Committee. They also stated their willingness to volunteer their insights and knowledge to the Ministry and by extension, the country.

Minister Hosein expressed his enthusiasm to work with and learn from the Committee in an effort to address and rectify the challenges faced within the agricultural sector, saying, “this is not for politics, this is for the people.”

Furthermore, the Honourable Minister indicated that this initiative is comprised of the people, for the people, to work in the favour of the citizens and country at large.

Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, the Honourable Avinash Singh also expressed his eagerness to work with the Committee and discussed plans of having the Committee divided into targeted sub-sections to enable a holistic, feasible and organized approach in solving the problems affecting the agricultural sector. He added, “the country can be assured that when decisions are made in the agricultural sector, it is with full consultation with those involved, and in the best interest of the country.”

In moving forward, stakeholder engagements will take place according to the individual sectors, through follow-up discussions with the Ministry’s technical staff. The intention of these meetings will provide insights and solutions to further advance the agricultural sector and address any pertinent issues and challenges.

Minister Kazim Hosein, along with the members of the Advisory Committee will continuously evaluate the requirements of each agricultural division to ensure the achievement of the Government’s mandate so that it meets the needs of the farmers and fishermen.

It is also the intention of the Honorable Minister also to visit all operations, within both the private and public sectors’ agricultural system to facilitate this initiative.

The formation of this proficient Advisory Committee gives Trinidad and Tobago the assurance that decisions made within the agricultural sector will be fortified by full consultation with persons who are directly involved and with the country’s best interests at the forefront.

Members in attendance included:

Mr. Selwyn Ramsaroop Vegetable and Tree Crops
Mr. Ramdeo Boondoo Root Crops
Mr. Nigel Grimes Rice
Miss Amritha Soogrim Seedling Production
Mr. Ashley Parasram Cocoa and Chocolate Manufacturing
Mr. Shiraz Khan Goat and Sheep
Mr. Ravi Renie Dairy
Mr. Riyadh Mohammed Livestock
Mr. Jody White Agro-processing
Mr. Gary Aboud Fisheries and Environment Preservation
Mr. Imtiaz Khan Fisheries
Mr. Alpha Sennon Youth in Agriculture
Mr. Felix Clarke Citrus
Mr. Zameer Akaloo Rice
Mr. Marlon Cowie-Clarke Apiary
Pundit Satyanand Maharaj Agricultural Crops
Mrs. Elizabeth Montano Cocoa
Mr. Rajiv Diptee Marketing
Mrs. Maria Mohammed-Maharaj Marketing
Mr. Omardath Maharaj Agricultural Policy and Economics
Mr. Ren Gopiesingh Hunting

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