MALF promotes local consumption and food security through its Vegetable Garden Challenge

MALF promotes local consumption and food security through its Vegetable Garden Challenge

As part of its ongoing, national thrust to promote home gardening amidst the increasing need for us to safeguard our own wellbeing as it relates to both local consumption and food security, the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries (MALF) has joined the 4H Leaders’ Council of Trinidad and Tobago, in its ongoing Vegetable Garden Challenge.

The Challenge – should members of the public choose to accept it – will involve persons posting images of vegetables planted in their backyards and pots / containers, including a detailed listing of the produce planted. These images (and vegetable lists) may include vegetables from both existing home gardens and/or  vegetable plants from any recently-embarked, home gardening initiatives.

It is hoped that this exercise will not only encourage more households to produce their own food and manage their respective food budgets but also provide an opportunity for families and individuals alike, to make productive use of their time at home, in pursuit of a healthy, socially engaging and sustainable vocation.

For additional information on Home Gardening, please visit the Ministry’s website link at or refer to any one of the video links under the following titles:-


Requirements for Healthy Plant Growth


How to Choose a Good Quality Seedling?


Selection of Planting Material

Part 1:-

Part 2:-


Places to Plant at Home


Selection & Preparation of Containers


Preparing the Growing Medium for your Home Garden


Land Preparation




Transplanting & Watering


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