Locust Control Regimen in County Victoria

Locust Control Regimen in County Victoria

February 23, 2021:- County Victoria is currently spraying locusts in the Moruga, Rock Road, Barrackpore and Piparo areas. Spray activities are concentrated along the forest edges where the hoppers are emerging to prevent major crop loss.  Major Hopper sites in Piparo and La Savanne, Moruga are being constantly sprayed since mid-January 2021. Additionally, spraying of both hopper sites and hoppers emerging at the forest edges in the Cunjal Food Crop Project, Barrackpore and Cachipe began in February and is ongoing.

The Ministry’s overall objective of this intervention is to control the locust population at the hopper stage to reduce damage to crops.

Locust control is done throughout the year and follows the life cycle of the Moruga Locust. The interiors of private residences are not sprayed to prevent harm to persons and pets.


MALF Staff conducts locust management exercise in County Victoria.


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