Farmers’ Advisory Notice

Farmers’ Advisory Notice

In light of the impending adverse weather emanating from a Tropical storm approaching Trinidad and Tobago, the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries (MALF) wishes to advise our nation’s farmers to be vigilant and take the necessary precaution to protect their crops and livestock.

In this regard, the Ministry is advising that the following measures be undertaken in the interim:



Clear debris and overgrown vegetation from drains and ditches in the vicinity of the farm
Ensure the proper disposal of empty chemical bottles and cans as they can clog water ways
Ensure drains around plots are graded to allow faster flow of water
Mature marketable crops can be harvested and stored in plastic containers/bags off the ground
Remove/clear any material that may impede drainage
Create internal drains for faster water run-off



Reinforce/secure housing infrastructure such as pens, poultry houses and storage areas.
Store/move items from the ground such as feed medication chemicals and equipment.
If possible have a generator as emergency backup.
Have an adequate supply of feed medication water.
Ensure all animals are properly secured in a house/pen/temporary shelter.
If there is inadequate housing or shelter ensure that pastured livestock are brought close to the desired location for protection.
Ensure that animals carry an identification in case they are lost or injured.
Secure feed, drugs/medication and other chemicals under dry conditions.
Ensure forage/fodder supply is adequate for all ruminant* livestock for several days.

*Ruminants include cattle, water buffalo, horse, donkey, sheep, goats, rabbits etc.

  Ensure that an adequate supply of supplementary rations are available for all livestock.
In case of injury or deaths of livestock contact the nearest Agricultural County Office  or veterinary provider.
Move livestock from low, lying areas and river banks to higher, elevated ground to minimise lossand damages to livestock.
Ensure to have an emergency first aid kit to treat possible wounds or injuries of livestock.
Ensure that an adequate supply of uncontaminated drinking water is available for all livestock.

Farmers are kindly asked to report all loss of crop/livestock to the nearest County Office, as soon as it is safe to do so (within 7 days of flood).


In reporting, you are required to present original and copies of your National Identification card (ID) and Farmers Registration card to qualify for flooding and natural disaster assistance.


County Officers will be conducting reconnaissance visits as soon as it is possible.


For further information, you are encouraged to contact the Offices listed below:


Regional Administration North (RAN)

Mobile: 727-9964


Regional Administration South (RAS)

Mobile: 290-3700


               689- 7424

               327-1215/ 8348




National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation (NAMDEVCO)

Mobile: 468-1598


The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries advises farmers, fisherfolk and by extension all citizens to keep safe and remain alert to advisories and notices from the authorized agencies during this period of adverse weather.

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