Chiller and Cold Storage Space available to Farmers

April 13, 2020

Chiller and Cold Storage Space available to farmers

A month ago, the National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation (NAMDEVCO) issued a Media Release covering Health and Safety measures at our Farmers and other markets across the country. NAMDEVCO operates Farmers Markets; Wholesale Markets at Debe and Macoya; the Wholesale Fish Markets at Orange Valley and Port of Spain; Woodford Lodge Market; Valencia Retail Farmers’ Market and the Piarco Packing House.
We now detail another facility we have made available to farmers across the country.
Since then, the COVID-19 Regulations were put in place with agriculture and all its support and ancillary activities being designated essential work. This includes NAMDEVCO’s work and in particular, the markets which provide access to consumers but also allows for close to $500 million in goods to be traded annually. Fees paid by buyers at some of our markets have been waived and hand sanitizers and hand-wash facilities are provided at the markets for customers and farmers.
In the latest version of the Regulations, when specific changes were made to operating hours for a reduced number of activities, the Government was careful to ensure that the operating hours and arrangements for every Municipal, Farmers, Wholesale and Fish market remain unaffected. One exception was the Port of Spain Central Market, where night hours were stopped and the farmers and other vendors were granted their request to operate from 4 am to 4 pm daily.
The Health and Safety measures have worked well except for one incident at the Southern Wholesale Market, Debe which was addressed. Customers, farmers and all the supporting agencies have been happy with our arrangements.
We have now taken our support another step further.
NAMDEVCO can store in safe and sanitary conditions the excess supply of vegetables and fruits our farmers may have so that they can continue to make these items available to the public. We have been discussing this with our farmers and a few have now indicated that they are ready to access this service. It is available immediately at no cost to farmers at the Piarco Packinghouse and farmers can call 669-7092 / 669-7093 to schedule delivery of produce for storage.
Other arrangements in the key farming areas would be advised.
To access the Piarco facility, all produce must be washed and sanitized prior to storage.
In addition, farmers who would like our support to find buyers, can contact our Marketing Department at 485-1103. We also invite you to contact us through Facebook, via email and phone for any further information.
For further information contact:
Corporate Communications Unit
The National Agricultural and Marketing
Development Corporation (NAMDEVCO)
Tel: 647-3218


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