Agriculture Ministry hosts Divali ‘Best Dressed’ Competition 2021

Agriculture Ministry hosts Divali ‘Best Dressed’ Competition 2021

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Winner’s row: Clenching the first place position in MALF’s Divali ‘Best Dressed’ (Female) Competition on Tuesday 2nd November, 2021, was none other than Ms. Cheriann Ramroop (centre) who competed against twenty (20) in her category. Trailing Ms. Ramroop in second and third positions were Ms. Priya Dharam (right) and Ms. Raveena Ramsaroop (left).

Despite the seeming darkness which looms amidst the global pandemic, there was undeniably, a beaming light of excitement and competitive enthusiasm as Head Office staff of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries (MALF), participated in a Best Dressed Competition as part of MALF’s commemoration of Divali 2021.

The competition – which took place on Tuesday 2nd November, 2021 – attracted a total of twenty-seven (27) staffers all of whom vied for both bragging rights in addition to a wide range of prizes which included: authentic Indian jewellery, wireless cellular chargers and accessories, cooler bags, laptop bags, water bottles, mugs, chocolate, food hampers, items of stationery, caps, keychains, gardening tools and musical compact discs. These were sponsored by Flow Trinidad, the Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPOST), the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, the Ministry of Youth Development and National Service (MYDNS), Trinidad and Tobago Fine Chocolate Limited, Karibbean Flavours (RHS Marketing) and of course, the MALF.

Topping all others with forty-seven (47) out of a total of fifty (50) points and clenching the first place position in the female category was none other than Ms. Cheriann Ramroop of the Human Resource Management Division. Trailing Ms. Ramroop in second and third positions were Ms. Priya Dharam (Accounts Division) with forty-two (42) points and Ms. Raveena Ramsaroop (Property Management Division) with forty-one (41) points.

Out-performing all contenders in the male category was Mr. Vishesh Sookdeo of the Accounts Division with a total of thirty-eight (38) points. He was followed closely by Mr. Seecharan Arjoon (Central Administration Unit) and Mr. Nicholas Tinto (Agricultural Planning Division) who placed second and third with thirty-five (35) points and thirty-two (32) points respectively.

Adjudicating the participants’ originality/creativity, confidence, appropriateness of outfit, attention to detail/accessories, grooming and deportment were the Personal Secretary to the Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Ms. Kezzia Sahadeo and the Minister’s Personal Assistant, Mr. Sanjeev Boodram. They, in their collective wisdom, decided to award seven (7) additional competitors with hampers and other consolation prizes in honour of their noble efforts. These recipients were: Kristin Dixon, Sarah Ali, Adrianna Harrynanan, Kavita Sahadeo, Meera Ramjass, Savi Dial and Daniesha Katwaroo.

Assisting in the distribution of prizes were MALF’s Permanent Secretary (Ag.), Ms. Susan Shurland and Deputy Permanent Secretary (Ag.), Ms. Ramdai Sookdeo.

The Ministry takes this opportunity to thank and congratulate all participants, sponsors, judges and those members of staff who, through their individual efforts, sponsorship and/or facilitation, would have contributed to making this event, a tremendous success.

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