Agriculture Minister Urges Citizens: Prevent Bushfires, Protect Wildlife and Environment

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March 2nd, 2024:-  Senator the Honourable Kazim Hosein, Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries urges members of the public to refrain from starting bushfires as it causes harm not only to humans but also wildlife.


The Wildlife Section of the Forestry Division along with Game Wardens, has been diligently investigating and patrolling the Rahamut Trace Woodland area on a daily basis. After assessing the situation, the Forestry Division has determined that the increase in bird population is a result of temporary migration caused by the low water table and the abundance of food sources, alongside heightened safety measures.


Regarding wildfires, their impact on flora and fauna can be profound in various ways. One of the most severe consequences is the physical harm and potential loss of life among animals directly affected by the fires. The flames themselves pose a significant threat, as does the smoke and smog, which can disorient organisms by irritating their eyes and hindering their breathing. These factors often prompt animals to flee to nearby residential and commercial zones. Moreover, the effects of wildfires can extend beyond the immediate event. Surviving animals may suffer injuries and find themselves without habitat. Even those not physically harmed may face challenges due to the loss of their food sources, leading them to search for alternatives and potentially bringing them into contact with human settlements, increasing vulnerability to new predators and hazards such as vehicle collisions.


During disasters like wildfires, it is not uncommon to observe wildlife in unexpected locations, including residential and commercial areas, as they scatter in search of resources and refuge.



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