Agriculture Minister launches TT Agri-Investment Forum and Expo II

Agriculture Minister launches TT Agri-Investment Forum and Expo II


The Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Senator the Honourable Kazim Hosein launched the Trinidad and Tobago’s Agri-Investment Forum and Expo II, scheduled to take place on August 19-21.

The theme for this initiative is “Transforming Agriculture through Innovation and Investment”. It aims to revolutionise the agricultural sector in Trinidad and Tobago and by extension across CARICOM Member States. An important part of its agenda is to strengthen linkages along the food value and distribution chains in order to make locally-produced food more affordable and attractive throughout the country. Furthermore, the event will also highlight the use of technology to modernize current agricultural practices, increase efficiency and improve safety across the sector.

The Honourable Minister gave an overview of the event and indicated that it comprises of two (2) main components; a forum and an exhibition. The forum provides an opportunity for multilateral engagement as it facilitates the creation of relationships and allows for interaction between representatives from CARICOM, and the Public and Private sectors. He further added that the vision for the Agri-Investment Forum is to build a more technologically advanced agriculture system to increase the availability of food, domestically and regionally. This would also have a positive impact by reducing the country’s food import bill in the future.

Additionally, the exhibition element of the event will allow stakeholders to showcase their unique products and technological advancements within the agriculture sector. Whilst acknowledging that “the agriculture of today is not what it used to be as in the past”, Minister Hosein was convinced of the tremendous benefits and opportunities to be derived through the use of innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies within the sector.

Minister Hosein saw the necessity of developing sustainable industries in Trinidad and Tobago and emphasized that the Agri-Investment Forum and Expo II appeal to the younger generation’s interests in agriculture. This initiative presents an opportunity for regional development as it promotes unity among CARICOM countries. Minister Hosein stated, “We are hoping to foster stronger and closer trade relationships with our neighbours in order to strengthen ties among CARICOM countries.”

For additional information on the TT Agri-Investment Forum and Expo II, feel free to visit our website at or follow us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at AgriExpoTT.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land, and Fisheries looks forward to your support and participation to ensure a successful event.


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