Hunting Season 2021/22 opens today (1st October, 2021)

Hunting Season 2021/22 opens today

Game Wardens and Forest Officers of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries’ Forestry Division, undertook an array of duties at the opening of the hunting season 2021-2022 today (1st October, 2021), which included patrolling, stop and search exercises, inspection of hunting permits, inspection of firearms and user licenses and hunting camps throughout the country. These measures were taken to ensure that no violations of the Conservation of Wildlife Act occurred.

However, these patrols – which will include joint exercises with other law enforcement agencies – would be continually deployed and shall not be limited to known “hot spots” only.

In addition to detecting offences, Game Wardens and Forest Officers continue to undertake public education exercises with hunters regarding the laws and regulations and the importance of sustainable hunting. This is hoped to engender a positive relationship between Game Wardens, Forest Officers and those of the public which will no doubt redound to the overall benefit of the environment and wildlife.

In anticipation of the start of the hunting season, hunters throughout the country gathered at various authorised stations in Trinidad and Tobago, to purchase their State Game Licenses (SGL) which were being sold days before the opening day.

It is paramount for hunters to know the areas where they are permitted to hunt and where hunting is strictly prohibited. This can be categorized into two groups, Game Sanctuaries and Protected and Environmentally Sensitive Areas.

It must be noted that the hunting of lizards with the exception of Iguanas, can ONLY be hunted up until the 31st of December 2021. The hunting of Iguanas is NOT permitted within the municipal boundaries of the city of Port of Spain.

The public is also reminded that during the current pandemic, Public Health Ordinances and those laws governing our current State of Emergency, must be strictly adhered to.

The photographs here capture some elements of today’s nation-wide activities which were spearheaded by Senior Game Wardens and a party of Officers from MALF’s Forestry Division and other arms of the Law Enforcement attached to MALF in the Victoria/ Mayaro Forest Reserve.

Photo credits – Mr. Kishan Ramcharan- Forester I.

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