• Scanning Plotting Services
  • Surveying Services
    • Registration of Cadastral Survey Plans

When private surveyors submit plans to the Division, it is sealed and given a unique number. These plans can either be RPO or Old Law and are processed slightly different as RPO requires checking and the Director of Survey’s approval. However, the old law plans do not require the DOS approval. See the flow chart below explains the process the plans go through.




Quality Control Unit for checking of R.P.O and Survey Order Plans

    • Archiving of:Cadastral Sheets, Survey Plans, other Survey records
    • Survey of State lands
  • GIS Services
  • Laser Scanning Services
  • Geodetic Data
  • Drone Data Capture Services
  • Hydrographic
    • Charts
    • Tidal Data
    • Maritime Safety
    • Nautical Information

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