The Division offers a wide range of maps at various scales and resolutions. These maps were developed to serve different purposes and individuals. The catalogue below gives a brief description and sample of each type of map available both in soft and hard copies at varying prices.

Tourist Maps

Purpose: To illustrate places of interest, such as beaches, hunting areas and how to navigate to these said places. Users include tourists, travelers and the motoring public. Link to tables

City and Town Maps

Purpose: To illustrate the position of building and roads within the towns and cities. .Users include businessmen, travelers and anyone planning commercial routes

General Purpose Maps

Purpose: To be used by anyone

Topographic Maps

Purpose: To illustrates the horizontal and vertical position of features. This includes trigonometric stations, spot heights and contour information. Users include surveyors, planners, engineers and contractors.

Cadastral Maps

Purpose: Illustrates ownership of parcels which are referenced to plan information stored in the vault. These are available in three different scales namely: 1:2500, 1:1250 and 1:10000. Users include: surveyors and general public

Special Purpose Maps

These maps illustrate specific features such as soil types, drainage capabilities, lithology and capability classes. Users include: Planner, geologist, teachers and students.

Photographic Products

Photographic products establish the location of physical objects. This data is available from as early as 1051 to more recent 2015. The catalogue below gives a brief description and samples of the imagery. These are available in both hard and soft copy.

Digital Data

Information with respect to the position of certain features such as buildings, structures, roads, coastlines are extracted from the aerial imagery. Also available are height data (Spot heights, Contours and LiDAR) and orthophotos and orthophoto mosaics.

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