Giant African Snail (GAS) Sensitization Programme & Management Drive

Giant African Snail (GAS) Sensitization Programme & Management Drive

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The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries will be launching a pilot project to address the giant African snail (GAS) population on Monday, 16th January 2023. The GAS population continues to adversely impact our farmers and fellow citizens. As such, the Ministry will commence a three (3)-week Sensitization and Management Programme so as to apprise the public of the effects of this invasive species and of their role in assisting the Ministry’s efforts in mitigating same.

This Programme – which will air on the nation’s television and radio media from this week (i.e. from 16/01/2023) and will also be featured on the Ministry’s online and social media platforms – marks a continuation of the Ministry’s dialogue in encouraging the public to join the Ministry in its efforts to proactively reduce the GAS populations in our communities. 

Your assistance in this initiative is crucial not only as we treat with the propensity of this pest to be a public nuisance but also, the likelihood of it posing a serious threat to human health, our quality of life as well as our nation’s food security. 

To this end, we urge you to share our message and educational / sensitization material on your digital / online media and with your stakeholder networks.

Thank you in advance for partnering with us! 

How to Collect the Giant African Snails?




When collecting snails, wear proper protective gear such as boots and gloves (or a plastic bag). DO NOT USE BARE HANDS.

Collecting Snails

– Look for snails between plants, in the grass and on the ground. Snails tend to hide between plants and may not be easily seen.
– You may need to use a rake to help pull them together.

– After collecting snails, place them in a see-through plastic bag such as grocery bags or clear plastic bags. Do not use feed bags.

– Tie the bags to seal the snails so they do not escape.

– Wash or sanitize your hands after handling snails.


Process for Delivering Giant African Snail (GAS)


When delivering all giant African snails collected, persons are asked to visit either one of the following designated drop-off sites on Monday, Tuesday OR Thursday between 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 Noon:- 

i) County Caroni Agricultural Office located at Southern Main Road, Chase Village; and

ii) County St. George West Agricultural Office located at Farm Road, Curepe.


– Visit any one of the designated County Agricultural offices on the days and times aforementioned .

– Park in the area designated for parking.

– Trained personnel will be at the sites to collect, weigh and verify what you have delivered. At the collection site, present your national identification card and register.

– After registration, you will be directed to place sealed bags of snails on a scale. You will receive a receipt indicating the quantity delivered.

– After handling snails, wash your hands at the washing station.

– Snails will be taken away to a site for incineration.

– Payment will be made via cheques and recipients shall be contacted when their cheque is ready.


Management of the Giant African Snail (GAS)

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