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Agricultural Services

The key responsibilities of the Agricultural Services Division are as follows:

  • To produce high quality planting material for sale to the farming community and the general public thereby contributing to improved food security.
  • To expand and conserve germplasm collections of key strategic crops of agricultural importance in live genebanks and /or cold storage so as to ensure sustainability of the Agriculture Sector, for the benefit of both the present and future generations.

There are five (5) stations under the purview of the Agricultural Services Division:

  1. La Reunion Plant Propagation Station
  2. Marper Farm, Manzanilla
  3. St Augustine Nurseries, Curepe
  4. El Carmen Seed Unit, Centeno
  5. Chaguaramas Agricultural Development Programme

Subdivisions of the Agricultural Services Division

This Division is divided into two (2) sub-divisions:

  1. The subdivision of Horticulture and
  2. The sub-division of Crop Production


The sub-division of Horticulture comprises three stations: the La Reunion Plant Propagation Station, the St. Augustine Nurseries and Marper Farm.

At the La Reunion Plant Propagation Station, major emphasis is placed on the production of Cocoa nursery plants while a small quantity of Breadfruit and Coffee are also produced.

The St. Augustine Nurseries is responsible for the production of mainly Citrus nursery plants. Mango, Avocado, other minor Fruits, Ornamentals and Herbs and Spices are produced in smaller quantities.

Various crop types are maintained and conserved at all stations including Marper Farm where particular emphasis is placed on the conservation of cocoa nursery germplasm.

Crop Production

The sub-division of Crop Production comprises one station, the El Carmen Seed Unit, which is responsible for producing locally adapted seed material e.g. Ochro, Bodi and Corn and root crop planting material e.g. Sweet Potato, Dasheen and Cassava.