The Seed Technology Unit performs Three Main Functions

  1. RESEARCH on Establishing and Improving Seed Quality and Seed Storage Techniques for crops of economic importance

    Currently research is being conducted the Development of an Acceptable Protocol for Testing the germination of Shado beni (Erygium foetidum) seeds


    SEED QUALITY TESTING- using germination, moisture content, Physical Seed Purity and 1,000 seed weights following the standards set by the International Seed Testing Association

  3. PUBLIC AWARENESS on Seeds, Seed Quality Testing, Seed Research is carried out throughexhibitions fairs, seminars, conferences and educational tours

Contact Info

646-4335-7 Ext 4044


To encourage the production and consumption of local fruits and by so doing contribute to the enhancement of food security and health of the nation.


To conserve agro-biodiversity as it relates to locally cultivated fruits, while improving agricultural production, growth and productivity in critical areas for both domestic consumption and export (expected result being elevated yield and quality).

Services Provided

  • Diagnosis and recommendations on agronomic problems in the fruit and coconut sector
  • Provision of agronomic information on establishment of fruit orchard with good agricultural practices
  • Recommendation of management practices for efficient fruit production on various fruit types.
  • Preparation of cost of production profiles for various fruit varieties and coconuts.
  • Production of bulletins/factsheets on production of types of fruit


  • Characterization of Musa germplasm  (12 varieties) 2011 -2014
  • Flowering and fruiting patterns of eight mango varieties located in seven counties in Trinidad over the period 2010 – 2013.
  • Revitalization of the coconut industry:
  • Collection of planting material and planting out in observation plots.
  • Preparation of a growers’ guide for coconut with emphasis on good agricultural practices.
  • Fertilizer evaluation on Tableland hybrid pineapple 2011 – 2014
  • Fruit conservation and improvement programme for the lesser known fruits
  • Minor Fruit Collection, Propagation and Establishment in Field Plots
  • Characterization of Minor fruits
  • 2012 – 2013  - Carambola Characterization

Contact information

646-4335 – 7 ext. 4021