June 23, 2017 — Following the decision yesterday by the Department of Agriculture in the United States to suspend imports of fresh beef from Brazil citing food-safety concerns, the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries is today reassuring the public that Trinidad and Tobago does not import fresh beef or any other fresh meat from Brazil and, as such, there is no cause for concern.


The Ministry is actively monitoring all developments out of Brazil related to food safety and will take immediate precautions should it determine there are credible or potential health risks to Trinidad and Tobago consumers.


As it relates to this latest suspension in the U.S. of fresh beef imports from Brazil, Minister of Agriculture, Clarence Rambharat is collaborating with Ambassador Amery Browne in Brazil on any developments which may impact Trinidad and Tobago.

Welcome to the Forestry Division


The mission of the Forestry Division is to sustainably manage the Nation’s forests to ensure that they are abundant, ecologically healthy, biologically diverse and contribute to the wellbeing of all people and to the national economy in current and future generations.


We are a professional organization of men and women committed to national development and working together to sustainably conserve and enhance our forests which impact every facet of national life and are one of our most valuable resources.


The goal of the Forestry Division is to sustainably manage of the forest resources of Trinidad and Tobago to provide for the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations; contribute to the sustainable development of the country; enhance the quality of human life while at the same time protecting biological diversity and ecological processes.


  • Sale of timber and other forest produce from forest resources and other state lands.
  • Issue of removal permits for the transport of timber from private lands.
  • Law enforcement for forests and wildlife offences.
  • Issue of wildlife permits.
  • Provide technical advice for agencies and members of the public.
  • Maintain various national parks throughout our country.
  • Library services on forests and forests related topics.
  • Education and awareness programs and provide technical assistance upon requests.
  • Offer incentive programs and advice to private forestry farmers.

Contact Information

Forestry Division Head Office
Long Circular Road, St. James
Secretary to Conservator of Forests – 225-3868
Secretary to Deputy Conservator of Forests – 225-3861
Receptionist – 225-3865

Forestry Division
Balisier Avenue, Pleasantville Secretary to South Coordinator – 225-3756 Receptionist – 225-3774

North West Conservancy
Assistant Conservator of Forests – 225-3802
Receptionist – 225-3807

North Central Conservancy
Assistant Conservator of Forests 643-9595

North East Conservancy
Assistant Conservator of Forests – 225-3720
Secretary – 225-3732

South West Conservancy
Assistant Conservator of Forests -225-3761
Receptionist – 225-3774

South Central Conservancy
Assistant Conservator of Forests – 225-3760
Receptionist – 225-3774
South East Conservancy

Assistant Conservator of Forests – 225-3740
Receptionist – 225-3747
Forestry Information Unit/Library –225-3846
Secretary to Director, Forest Resource Inventory and Management – 225-3856
\ Wildlife Section -225-3837
National Parks Section – 227-3792
Community Forestry – 225-3821
Private Forestry/Incentive Unit – 225-3817