In this quarterly issue of “Agriculture Now”, we will highlight some of our local produce, along with their nutritional benefits. These include our oranges, mangoes, sweet potatoes, dasheen bush, hot peppers and pommecythere.

We have included some simple recipes for you to try.

For students, and the young at heart, there is an interesting crossword puzzle on our local foods and fruits – one we know you will have fun solving … as we certainly did.

We urge you to be aware of your food safety with our Food Safety Tips when eating “out”.

There are so many of the fruits of yesteryear that are not as common to the youth of today – so inside this issue
we will familiarize you with some of them. We also encourage you to come visit the Ministry’s St. Augustine
Nursery to purchase these fruit trees for planting in your own backyard.

Click Here to Download Agriculture Now - Newsletter Vol.2 Issue 1 2012 (Adobe PDF 3.97MB)