This Special issue of the Ministry’s Quarterly Newsletter is intended to popularize our current
services offered, designed to provide support to our farmers, fisherfolk and young

The Government’s plan for agriculture is built on six developmental pillars.


  1. Affordable food on a sustained basis
  2. Sustainable livelihood for farmers
  3. A mixture of traditional and technology-driven platforms
  4. Regional and extra-regional joint ventures to achieve economies of scale and export competitiveness
  5. Functional linkages between research and development and the sector to strengthen knowledge applications

The objective is to make Trinidad and Tobago a “food secure nation”.

The vast range of services is intended to provide the enabling mechanism for our stakeholders in support of their contribution to the growth of the sector. We are however cognisant that some of the services have not been updated in keeping with the changing societal and economic needs and as a result have established a Multi-sectoral Standing Committee to review the current portfolio of incentives.

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