Responsible for the conduct of agronomic research on vegetable crops grown in Trinidad and Tobago thereby facilitating the sustainable development of Agriculture while ensuring domestic food security.

Current Research Projects:

Project 1: Characterization and evaluation of twelve (12) Seim (Dolichos sp) accessions grown in T&T.

Aim: To characterize and evaluate physical and nutritional traits of seim grown in Trinidad and Tobago
Characters being assessed: morphological characters of plant, pod, seed, yield/plant and nutritional characters.


  • Collection of accessions
  • Preliminary characterization/evaluation
  • Nutritional quality being assessed

Future Work:

Publications of manuals and recommendations of most suitable varieties to be grown by farmers.

Project 2: Pumpkin improvement for the export market

Aim: To produce a uniform pumpkin variety for the export market.


  • Survey of exporters and farmers
  • Phenotypic Assortive Mating

Future Work:

  • Further improvement to ensure homozygosity of desired characteristics.
  • Seed multiplication and distribution.

Contact Information:

Albada Beekham (Ag. Agronomist)
Richard Ramdin (Agricultural Assistant I)
1 868 646 4335 Ext 4026